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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Dumbarse Dog - an introduction

We have a 6 month old Australian Kelpie pup, and to be honest, sometimes, she's a real dumbarse.
Take today, for an example.
I'm sick in bed with a migraine, and I get woken up by her barking. Barking at something there.
I drag myself out of bed to look, and find her barking at a blue tongue (For those playing at home, this one was about 40cm long, so a decent sized one, and had pinkish patches on its back. And yes, it definitely had the tell tale blue tongue, since it flicked at Dumbarse Dog).
My problem isn't that she knew to bark at it. My problem is she kept trying to attack it. I presume she'll behave the exact same way when snake season officially hits, then we'll have her in the vets after being bit by a black snake.

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