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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Round 'em up!

Miss K has an assignment due tomorrow.
Okay, so it isn't so much an assignment as it is extension work. It's on statistics.
So, we walk across to speak to T an her daughter R to get their responses to the question. We do the Right Thing and tell Dumbarse Dog to stay in the yard and close the gates behind us. We get half way there and hear a distinctive sound - Dumbarse Dog jumped the fence. Again.
I turn around and growl "No! Go home!" to her, and she jumped the fence to get back in. I know, because I watched her :/
The InfoxicatedMan had to chain her up while we went to the neighbours(') house(s) to get answers.
We get back, unchain her, and I go back to cooking the roast chicken for dinner.
I keep seeing blurs. Blurs of chocolate brown flashing past the kitchen. She was rounding up the house :(

Flash forward a few hours to the 5 minutes the InfoxicatedMan and I manage to steal in the evening - where he is having an evening cigarette and I stand outside talking to him for a minute or two.
Suddenly, a brown blur (The Dumbarse Dog) flashes towards me, nips at my ankles, and jumps away. She then barks once, runs down the side of the house, and tries to round up InfoxicatedMan and myself. InfoxicatedMan stamps his foot once, she flashes off again, almost knocking me and him over.
I growl - something I learnt as a kid with my mother and her German Shepherd. Dumbarse Dog barks, jumps away, barks again, and decides to round us up some more. Five minutes later, she finally settles down... and nibbles on my hand when I reach down to pat her to settle her down.

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