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Monday, October 29, 2012

Knot quite what we expected...

DD was chained up while we went to do some grocery shopping this afternoon - I chained her since we were meeting InfoxicatedMan up at the school and going straight from there. If you recall, she needs to be chained so she doesn't jump the fence.
So, we put her on her (easily 2 metres of running length) chain, and head up to the school.
We get home almost 4 hours later - the butcher needed to cut up a side of lamb and package it - and find DD on a chain that looked maybe 50cm long. She'd twisted it up so much that I couldn't even undo it. I had to remove her collar to get her unchained.
And then, when I'd finally got her collar done back up on her, she decided to round me up, including nipping my ankles.

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