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Monday, October 22, 2012

Off the hook

I had a few things to do this afternoon when I was up at the school.
Miss M had transition classes (she starts school in February, so she's attending a few afternoon classes now) and I needed to talk to Miss I's teacher.
I did the Sensible Thing. I got DD's chain out, fastened it to the post near her kennel and her water, and then attached her to it (the D-link on her collar). I then left the house and property, safely in the knowledge that DD would howl, complain and otherwise annoy all the neighbours until I got back with all of the children - or until the other half got home - which ever came soonest.
Boy, was I wrong.
I get home, Miss K tells me "Mum, DD is off her chain! She must have got loose by herself!"
I look up and see the other halfs car. "No, Daddy is home, he probably let her off," I say, self assured in the fact that I am always right.
I walk in the front yard, checking the mail box on the way in, and the other half says "She wasn't on her chain when I got home"
Oh, shit. DD did slip her chain, somehow. She's still wearing her collar, so the question of the year is... how? How does a 6 month old dumbarse dog get off a chain that requires opposable thumbs to fasten and unfasten?

Investigation showed that she pulled so hard on the chain that she broke the d-link. Now, we need to buy a choke chain so we can walk her.

Dumbarse dog.

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